Brothers Across Borders - English | The Cast
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Name: Mehmet

Age: 22

Nationality: Turkish

Mehmet plays the role of both Ismael (P.O.V.) and the brother Muhammed. He is from a small city close to Aleppo where he grew up with his mother, father and two younger brothers. In 2015 his father left Syria to find a safe place for the family in Europe. He took the boat from the Turkish coast towards Greece and then walked all the way to Denmark in Northern Europe. About a year later Mehmet’s mother and two brothers joined his father in Denmark, but Mehmet didn’t want to go. He chose to go to university in Adana, Turkey and today studies engineering. He hopes to reunite with them when he is done with his studies.


Name: İbrahim Çağatay

Age: 21

Nationality: Turkish

Ibrahim plays the part of Ismael (P.O.V.) is Archeology student from the Harran University. He has volunteered as a youth branch president of Turkish Red Crescent in his university for the last 3 years.

Ismael’s mother

Name: Farah Firat

Age: 24

Nationality: Syrian

Farah left Syria 3 years ago with her two younger sisters. They arrived in Gaziantep by foot since they didn’t have any car. The 3 siblings mainly walked in the nighttime to not get caught. Her brother was staying in Gaziantep so that’s why she ended up here. But now she is the only one from the family left in the city since the others returned to Syria. Farah on the other hand likes Turkey where she found her husband Halit Firat. They have been married for 1,5 years and have just got a little son named Mohammad.

Motorcycle man

Name: Ahmed

Age: 73

Nationality: Turkish

Owner of the pistachio fields on the outskirts of Gaziantep city. Armed with a rifle and a flashlight he stays in the fields 24 hours a day in the summer to protect the crops from thieves. Has 6 daughters and a son.

Lute player

Name: Nuri

Age: 17

Nationality: Syrian

Left Syria 5 years ago from the area called Afran. His older brother went to Turkey before where he stayed in Gaziantep and later went to Izmir. The family is now united i Izmir where he studies Turkish in the local Red Cross Centre with his older brother and little sister. He has been playing the lute for a couple of years and is now doing small jobs as a musician and hope to make a living of it someday. Some of the music in the film is played by him.

Pistachio guy

Name: Ahmet

Age: 19

Nationality: Syrian

Left Syria 5 years ago because of the civil war. Works as a street salesman selling various types of fruits and nuts depending on the season. He usually stays one month at each location before moving to another spot in the city.


Name: Atif Deniz

Age: 38

Nationality: Turkish

Atif has been an imam since 2002 and worked in this specific mosque for about a year. He is there every day to participate in the 5 daily prayers. Besides from the prayers he also help the people coming in the mosque for advice. A lot of Syrian refugees come in the mosque.


Name: Abdul Aziz Muhammad

Age: 36

Nationality: Syrian

Abdul is a farmer that left Haseka in Northern Syria in 2013. Back in Syria he was a cotton farmer but her in Torbali, Turkey he works in the fields growing leek. He has 7 children the oldest being 14 years old and the youngest one is only 6 months.